NEXT, Power to ideas, Building New Models, organized by NE Nomisma Energia in cooperation with Vivigas, will take place in Bologna, Italy on 30 November 2017next50x


NEXT is born from the ambition of NE Nomisma Energia to set-up a collective enrichment container where market operators, institutions, NGOs, universities and research centers can openly dialogue, share opinions, experiences and ideas.

The main theme of this year focuses on “Building New Models”: new business models, new market models and new models of analysis.

NEXT is structured in 2 thematic sessions: Challenges and Opportunities. Each session will look at 2 main topics topics that will be the subject of the debate: Market Liberalization, RES Integration, Circular Economy, Energy Sharing and Blockchains.




















The objective of the NEXT is to gather decision makers (government, ministries and state agencies), market operators and experts (universities, research and development centers, s, start-up centers), suppliers (energy, transport, logistic sector) and practitioners (SMEs, business incubators) to generate discussion and exchange on the potential of energy market and its challenges and opportunities.

Academic papers, practitioner cases and provocative expositions in all areas are invited with particular emphasis on the 4 main themes.

The call for papers is now open.

The deadline for submission of papers is on 10 of November 2017.


  • The papers should be from 6 to 10 pages.
  • The abstract should be from 250 min to 500 max words and should fit in the first page of the paper.
  • All text written in paragraphs should be in Calibri 11 and fully justified.

The full paper must be submitted by email to in word and PDF format.

Papers will be reviewed by a scientific, industry and business committee with a double-blind review process.

Early submission of the full paper helps us to manage the review process in a timely manner.

The authors of the accepted papers will be invited to attend the workshop to present their contributions.

All accepted papers will be published on the website.

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