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Environmental Market Analysis

  • Environmental markets analysis and outlook (White, Green, Brown Certificates): supply, demand, prices and strategies
  • Monitoring and reporting of European ETS market and price forecasting
  • Market models for the analysis of European and national policies
  • Regulatory impact analays (EU ETS, incentives for RES, energy efficiency) on investments & companies’ strategies
  • ESCO LAB: forum of analysis on the evolution of Energy Efficiency Market
  • Energy Service Company (ESCO) Confidence Index
  • Assistance in evaluating investments in Energy Efficiency for financial institutions

Energy Market Analysis

  • Analysis of the upstream investment impacts, in terms of production, prices, environment and occupational levels
  • Electricity, gas, coal, oil market report: supply/demand, infrastructure development, price and margin trends, operator strategies
  • Assistance to gas contract and negotiation, strategic assistance
  • Gas market value assessment, competition analysis, G2G competition assessment
  • Monitoring and price forecasting
  • Regulatory analysis and impact assessment, advice on regulatory issues and tariffs
  • Economic, technical and legal assistance for gas distribution tenders
  • Inter-fuel competition analysis
  • Fiscal regimes for the Oil & Gas sector: tax and non-tax instruments
  • Communication strategies targeting interested parties/stakeholders: institutions, private firms and citizens
  • Monitoring of Geopolitical balance

Territorial Energy Planning

  • Development of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP)
  • Development of the Regional and Provincial Energy Plans
  • Reports of Public–Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Monitoring Action Plans
  • NIMBY Management
  • Industrial sites recovery (Decommissioning) and macroeconomic impacts
  • Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI)
  • Training and support to Public Administration technician officer about energy issues
  • Energy days, Energy workshop
  • Technical projects for access to European Structural Funds

Energy saving and efficiency

  • Diagnosi Energetiche
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
  • Energy consumption monitoring and measurement plans
  • Obtaining regional funding for energy efficiency in SMEs
  • Ottimizzazione contratti di acquisto
  • Support in evaluation of EPC contracts and choice of technological partner
  • Statistical models for forecasting energy needs and monitoring consumption (CUSUM cards)
  • Feasibility studies for cogeneration plants with what-if scenarios
  • Optimization of production in cogeneration plants

Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)

  • Assistance to industries in the process of being included in the ETS system
  • Implementation and updating of CO2 Emissions monitoring plans
  • Calculation of emissions and preparation of the annual communication
  • Assistance in the emission verification phase
  • Allocation calculation and quota allocation changes
  • Evaluation of changes and plant closures
  • Corporate training
  • Annual Care Packages
  • EU ETS 2021-2030: analysis on the reform of the system

Renewable Technical Services

  • Start-up analysis and strategic analysis for investment funds within the green economy market
  • Market and project pipelines analysis, technical advisory and technical supporting during negotiations phases
  • Regulatory market analysis, concession regimes, incentives schemes and tariff assessments
  • Confirmatory due diligence (M&A, competitive financial auctions, leasing)
  • Technical-economical due diligence of infrastructure, renewable energy plants and energy efficiency systems
  • Technological-industrial due diligence of systems and innovative technologies, whether manufacturing or energy production
  • Strategic consulting and business planning

Waste & Water consultancy

  • Calls for tender, auctions and service contracts for the concession of waste integrated systems
  • Fair value – independent asset evaluation in order to define market value for tenders and privatization procedure
  • Regulatory analysis of incentive schemes, area planning and ATO’s economic and financial investment planning
  • Designing and managing of differentiated and under differentiated waste collection programs
  • Industrial plans for system operator and assistance in M&A operations
  • Technical and market due diligence of infrastructures and facilities
  • Cost-Benefit analysis of public private partnership (PPP) of large investment projects of public utilities
  • Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and assistance in AIA procedures

Formazione e Comunicazione


  • Advanced training course
  • Conferences "Energy Days"
  • Formazione in House



NE Nomisma Energia recognizes the great importance of communicating the results of one's business to the outside world, both to try and gain a reference position, and to exchange and verify one's ideas.

The theme of energy and the environment is one of the most recurring in the economic and environmental fields in the press, in political discussions and in training: with the communication NE Nomisma Energia wants to affirm its presence. NE Nomisma Energia vuole affermare la sua presenza.

NE Nomisma Energia moreover, it defines the communication strategies towards institutions, investors and local communities in relation to energy initiatives and infrastructures, preparing specific tools.

NE International

NE International helps investors identify, understand and make the most of any international business opportunity.

  • Market research and analysis
  • Technical and economic due diligence
  • Institutional affairs
  • Local presence
  • Creating partnerships
  • International observatory for investment opportunities
  • Market access and strategic direction
  •  Promotion, dissemination and creation of valuable relationships with local stakeholders