NE Nomisma Energia alla Carbon Forward 2017 Conference a Londra


With Brexit, new rules for Phase 4, a new US president and an emerging international aviation market, the global carbon trading landscape is evolving fast…
The Carbon Forward 2017 is the event for carbon market participants who want to know more about managing risks and opportunities in the EU ETS & Global Carbon Markets. The 2017 Conference, a two-day event right after an introductory training day concentrates exclusively on the global carbon markets.

  • Gain new insights and know-how about what’s next for the UK as Brexit causes it to exit the EU ETS
  • Learn about the impacts of higher EUA prices, lower free allocations and a more aggressive supply control mechanism as tight supply is finally poised to return to the market after 12 years
  • Understand the Phase 4 reforms and the changes MiFID II regulations are bringing to the market
  • Find new ways to manage risks and discover opportunities in the EU ETS and global carbon markets
  • Explore best practices and strategies for offsetting, voluntary markets and how internal carbon pricing fits in to carbon strategies
  • Learn about how airlines affected by CORSIA can hedge their exposure and what’s next in line for regulation post-Paris Climate Change Agreement
  • Meet and network with leading industry experts and carbon market luminaries.


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